by Gwen Knighton

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A birthday present for the muse. My first Logic Pro recording. Kind of raw, but I hope you'll like it anyway!



This is not a tale of sorrow
This is not a song of woe
This is not the path of heartbreak
This is where the dreamers go

Heart of lapis Heart of wisdom
Heart of faith and Heart of stone
Dream of lapis Dream forever
Dream a love That calls you home

Chant a calling, ocean crossing
String the harp and hair the bow
Waves tossing, souls falling
Ultramarine embers glow

I am a pair of nut-brown eyes
I am the singing soul
I am a mirror, a reflection
I'm a touch that makes you whole

In an autumn early morning
Dressed too late with summer leaves
We are dancing with our senses
We are what providence weaves

I am magic strings of silver
I'm the voice of future songs
I am singing I am singing
My voice you knew all along

From the ancient afghan mountains
Came the tint that binds the paint
Dress the Virgin, dress the wise man
Dress the ropes of our restraint

I am from beyond the ocean
I entrance your eyes
I am wearing stones of wisdom
I'm your heart's reprise

Caught inside a heart of lapis
Caught inside a heart of stone
Caught inside a heart forever
Caught until a heart comes home

Take this heart, it's made of lapis
Take this heart, it's made of stone
Take this heart, it spells forever
Take this heart and call it home


released November 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Gwen Knighton London, UK

Gwen is a singer, a songwriter, a harper, a dilettante, a teacher, a lover of cats, in touch with her inner child and her inner faerie, a long way from where she grew up, striving to be better. She also knits.

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